Historical Armour
Leg Harnesses
Cuirasses, Breastplates & Backplates
Arm Harnesses
Armour Chests
As of Oct 30, the following images are samples of past work.  In the following weeks and months, an "In Stock" gallery will appear. These in stock items will be made in pre determined sizes i.e., small, medium and large to accommodate most people.  
Some basic customization is possible, please inquire.   

Our goal is to keep pricing as suprisingly affordable as possible.  For those on a strict budget will can offer up to 4 payments, please inquire.   You may rest easy knowing we frankly do not accept payment for in stock items unless it is in stock and ready to ship.   Commissions will be limited to a set number each month and may require a deposit.  

Regarding armour, we will offer two basic in stock grades: 
                      "Living History" grade will be moderately fine quality with accurate construction throughout.  
                       "SCA /WMA"  grade will appear strongly authentic yet mindful of modern sport functionality and safety.  

​You will see armour chests and related camp furniture as well as furniture kits that only require basic assembly.  

If you'd like to get on our blog/email update list featuring new products, updated inventory and fun armour talk, let us know!